Course Description

In my lifetime, I have witnessed many leaders who are overly eager to add individuals to their list of connections, choosing to pursue numbers over quality. Most of these individuals are small idols looking for a big PURPOSE, or a big Vision to attach to. Who are these individuals sitting at your table? What is it that is in you that attracts these types of individuals into your circle? What fears and insecurities are plaguing you now and cause you to hand over your Vision to persons who have no business with it?

In addition to answering these questions, this session will cover objections around identifying your Circles, identifying the players who may find their way to your table, and the common element in this equation that makes or breaks the entire process.

What benefits will I receive from this course?


    Leaders will be able to identify the three types of CIRCLES that are most influential in life and business planning.


    Leaders will be able to recognize the different types of PLAYERS in a CIRCLE and learn the steps it takes to attract the right people while moving the wrong ones out.

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    Leaders will learn the common element that can make or break any Circle of Impact.

Course Curriculum